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RES Software

Het Zuiderkruis 33

5215 MV ‘s-Hertogenbosch



Software Developer (Service Store)

You know you are every inch a true developer! You feel good when a tester gives you compliments and suggests improvements on the latest version that was built on the central Build server. Because all unit tests ran successfully for the full 100% with coverage of 80%, you feel confident about your product. 

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Senior Support Engineer

As a Support Engineer, you will deliver High end Support and Advisory to our customers and partners as well as to our pre-sales, technical consultants etc. Together with your team you will solve complex issues that our customers are reporting. 

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Software Tester (RES ONE Workspace) 

You are a passionate tester who is specialized in test automation! As soon as the build server spits out a new build, you make sure that it is tested in the automated test environment. As an agile tester, you know that exploratory testing is important and you recognize that your knowledge, skills and intuition are invaluable. 

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Vacatures: Software Tester (RES ONE Workspace), Senior Support Engineer, Software Developer (Service Store)

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